Family photo becomes new picture of militancy in Indonesia

15 May, 2018, 22:42 | Author: Angel Logan
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The mother also participated in the attack alongside their daughters, aged 12 and 9. He said the child survived the explosion, and CCTV footage showed a child stumbling around in the aftermath.

Police said Dita Oepriarto had dropped his wife and two daughters, aged twelve and nine, at the Diponegoro Indonesia Christian Church.

Elsewhere family and friends mourned the deaths of the 12 people killed in the church blasts.

A second is the attackers, who appropriate the name of a worthy and long-established faith that espouses tolerance, justice and civil harmony, have about as much to do with Islam as the Klu Klux Klan has to do with Methodism, the Roman Catholic Church or Anglicanism.

"We are checking whether the bomb exploded incidentally or someone detonated it", the spokesperson was quoted as saying.

According to Michelle, security has grown tighter since the incident, which has helped her feel at ease in the wake of terror.

But observers say that there is certainly a whiff of ISIS in the strikes on the churches and the local police station by two families, as well as the plot that was botched up by a third family in nearby Sidoarjo after their bombs exploded prematurely. The father was shot by police as he held a detonator.

Another witness said that they saw two men enter the churchyard on their motorbikes and one of them carried a backpack.

The use of children in the attacks has been particularly horrifying to people.

Speaking on Tuesday, Arifin said the children of the three families had been homeschooled as a way to radicalise and insulate them from outside ideas.

"We've also seen children involved in executing political prisoners, and there's always been an appetite in Islamic State to use women and children". The bombings, the deadliest in Indonesia in more than a decade, also wounded 40 people. "They (were) competent, created good counterintelligence through (questioning) and developed the capacity to detect splinter cells and apprehend militants".

The family was one among hundreds in Indonesia, who had returned from Syria and has observed the IS occupation there.

"Once Islamic State emerged (in 2014) there was anxiety that this would create more movement in jihadi (circles)" and that Indonesians trained in ISIS territory would return home, Barton said.

The first is that by far the greatest number of terror attacks carried out by so-called Islamic extremists occur in Muslim countries.



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