Tell us what you hear: Yanny or Laurel?

17 May, 2018, 07:02 | Author: Sheri Evans
  • Yanny’ Versus ‘Laurel’ Debate Is the New ‘What Color Is the Dress?’ MemeMore

Three years ago, the internet melted down over the color of a dress.

It seems fairly evenly split in Twitter debates in terms of which word people hear - which makes sense.

He played it for his peers, who disagreed over whether the syllables formed "Yanny" or "Laurel". And there's also the issue of quality, a high-end speaker like ones in our editing rooms have a broader range of frequencies then say cell phone. He posted it on web forum Reddit, and it spread online from there.

The story began as a simple question posed by a pair of high school friends over Instagram. On Tuesday evening, Feldman said in a video that she was fielding multiple interview requests and searching for the original creator.

The creator of the viral sensation spoke out and sorry to say "Yanny" listeners, he confirmed he said "Laurel". "I don't know how this was made". But for a moment, discovering there was no observable rhyme or reason to why you heard something that a sizeable chunk of the internet didn't was unsettling. "Is the person more of a high-pitched voice or a low-pitched voice?" And why is social media up in arms? "N is similar to r; I is close to l". "I think maybe it creates something our brains aren't used to and so we interpret it differently", said Marino.

Richmond added: "It's an interesting example of how people's ears are different, and that your hearing changes over time, with the most common thing being that is, as people age, they lose high frequency response". "You know what we really need?" But what about hearing loss? It is known that some sounds are audible only to people younger than 25. I took it into the food room and half heard Laurel and half heard Yanny.

Audiologist and owner of Hearing Solutions of Louisiana, Dr.

Others heard different sounds on different equipment, while still others claimed to hear both.



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