Recent CDC report finds rates increasing

11 June, 2018, 16:56 | Author: Judith Dennis
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Validating that someone is having these thoughts, even if we're not sure they are, may provide her or him with a sense of relief, and create an opportunity to talk more freely. According to the Centers for Disease Control, that is not the case, and December traditionally have the lowest rate of suicide deaths.

Some of the most frequently cited risk factors for suicide include mental disorders, depression, a prior suicide attempt, family history and exposure to other people's suicidal behavior, according to the National Institutes of Health.

The most common method of suicide involved firearms.

Increasingly, suicide is being seen not just as a mental health problem, but a public health one.

There were 45,000 US suicides in 2016. "You want to keep talking about them, but some people just can't handle the stigma of suicide", said Culbreath. It's important to remember that talking about suicide doesn't create a suicidal person - but not talking about it won't stop someone who is.

The CDC said that communities can support people at risk of suicide, teach coping and problem-solving skills, promote safe environments, engage in inclusive activities and expand options for assistance.

Writing in USA Today, Liz Szabo with the nonprofit Kaiser Health News quoted Dr. Jeffrey Liebermann, a professor of psychiatry at Columbia University, who stressed that depression and bipolar disorder can be treated successfully. However, for those who may struggle with intrusive and unremitting thoughts of death by their own hand, these suicides can actually feel empowering. "There was no indication and no warning that she would do this", he said.

"Death by suicide is the ultimate Stage 4 event in the progression of many mental health conditions, whether or not they have ever been recognized and labeled".

The statement noted that many people in the United States do not have access to mental health services when needed. They don't want to get near it or around it because it's taboo, and it's not going to happen to me. Let's use them as an occasion to act.

"When someone is depressed, their feelings and emotions start becoming irrational", Mark said.

In 27 states, 54 percent of deaths by suicide weren't tied to a known mental health condition, according to the report. Let's put in place the policies to address the root causes of suicide.

The recent high-profile suicides and this new data underscore that many Americans are not alright but are struggling to cope with the challenges of life.

She imagines a world where suicide isn't an off-limits or taboo subject, where we can learn to be there for each other. "The need for more research and a greater national investment in suicide prevention is clearer than ever", Moutier said in the statement.

The report showed an overall 25.4 percent increase nationally during the period, with only one state -- Nevada -- seeing a decrease in its rate. "With all of us working together and by collectively making a massive investment in suicide prevention research, resources and quality mental health care we can and we will reverse the rising suicide rate".



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