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Sony presents intermission followed by new Ghost of Tsushima gameplay

13 June, 2018, 04:12 | Author: Arnold Gilbert
  • When is the Sony conference at E3 2018 and how to watch

Last of Us II will probably emphasize on stealth-styled gameplay, and going by what we have seen with the previous game, this will definitely offer a lot more.

In case you missed it, Ubisoft and Sony presented their latest titles in dueling press conferences in Los Angeles, and we started to go hands-on with some of the most exciting games from the show.

Straight from Sony's PlayStation Showcase at E3, Sony and Insomniac Games have released an extended gamely trailer for Marvel's Spider-Man, the PlayStation 4 exclusive that's now in development. The fighting mechanics look to be ripped directly from Batman: Arkham Knight, complete with the "Fear" mechanic appearing as Spider-Man's "Spider Sense" moments.

The stunning gameplay clip released at E3 takes the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man out of the neighborhood and into The Raft, a maximum security prison where Electro is attempting to bust out a bunch of criminals to run loose in New York City. First announced at E3 two years ago, Sony has been teasing it ever since.

It's always seemed like the game was meant to be Marvel's answer to the Arkham Batman games, and this trailer suggests it will easily live up those lofty aims. But did our intrepid reporter spot the Avengers themselves in-game? Worse, as you saw at the end of the gameplay video, Spider-Man is no match on his own in the one vs. five situation. Here we learn about a new villain - this was later confirmed in a PlayStation blogcast. Kingpin has been mentioned as a villain in this game, but has yet to be seen. This is an all-new Spider-Man universe, featuring familiar characters in unfamiliar roles.

Of course, there is a web zip ability as well, which will let Spider-Man pull himself forward and then launch into the air.



Net Neutrality Is Officially Over Giving ISPs Total Control Of Your Bandwidth
The rules also restricted ISPs from charging extra for certain traffic, creating so-called fast lanes for companies and consumers. What's net neutrality, again? Internet providers such as AT&T , Verizon and Comcast had to treat all traffic equally.

IOS 12 Could Introduce Automatic System Updates
Be warned though, this does mean you can blow through your monthly minute allowance six times as fast if you really push it... This new ability has been in plans since Apple acquired a firm called workflow which has brought this feature to iOS 12 .

Microsoft Announces Halo Infinite With Tiny Teaser
And as if that's not enough, Microsoft has also founded and opened a brand new studio in Santa Monica, called " The Initiative ". The industry is headed in an exciting direction, and we see an opportunity to create awesome new game experiences of the future.

North Korean Media Finally Break Silence On Trump-Kim Summit
The U.S. president also dangled the prospect of inviting Kim to Washington if the meeting is a success. At stake at the summit are North Korea's nuclear weapons and peace on the Korean Peninsula.

Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un arrive in Singapore for historic summit
White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said USA and North Korean officials would hold working-level talks on Monday. State media in North Korea on Monday (Jun 11) covered Kim Jong Un's arrival in Singapore in a news bulletin.

Starfield is Bethesda's first new game franchise in 25 years
Dubbed the "Break-It Early Test Application", this will allow players to go hands-on when the game before it releases. These include a glow in the dark map, twenty-four Fallout figurines, in-game items, and a T-51b Power Armor helmet.

Microsoft Deploys Project Natick Self-Sustaining Underwater Data Center Off Scottish Coast
Last year, Microsoft , along with Google and Amazon, raced to buy data centers to deal with their booming cloud businesses. The capsule hosted a single data center rack that was wrapped in pressurized nitrogen in order to keep it cool.

Ronaldo Makes An ‘Irreversible’ Decision To Leave Real Madrid
Ronaldo's contract at the Bernabeu commits him to the reigning European champions until June 2021. Portugal begin their World Cup campaign in Sochi against Spain on June 15.

Dutch queen's sister found dead at home
She had also worked for the social development ministry in Buenos Aires province and at a United Nations office in Panama. The youngest sister of Queen Maxima of Holland has been found dead in her apartment in Argentina's capital.

Blizzard confirms it’s working on a new Diablo project
The beginning of the job listing specifically informs that Blizzard is "working on a new, unannounced Diablo project". This job ad could simply be for that project, since it qualifies as an "unannounced Diablo project".