Thieves steal Swedish crown jewels, flee in motorboat

02 August, 2018, 00:32 | Author: Angel Logan
  • The items had been on display in a locked cabinet in the Strangnas Cathedral west of Stockholm

Karl IX's crown is made of gold, rock crystal, enamel and pearls, and Christina's is made...

In a press statement, police said they then launched a manhunt by land, sea and air, but by the evening had not been able to catch the robbers.

Eyewitness Tom Rowsell, who is getting married at the cathedral this weekend, described seeing two people running to a "little white boat with a motor on the back". Royal Central reports that the crowns were burial crowns that were later exhumed and put on display at the cathedral.

A picture taken on July 31, 2018 shows a cordoned zone as Swedish police investigate after Sweden's royal jewels dated from the 17th century were stolen from the Strängnäs cathedral, west of Stockholm.

"These are items that are completely unique, Sweden and probably even internationally", he said.

The two men dashed to a boat docked nearby.

Police say the burgled regalia are "invaluable objects of national interest" and can not be given a price tag.

The witness claims he knew something was up because of the way "they were behaving".

Thomas Agnevik, a police spokesperson, told local media "it's 1-0 to them right now" as a manhunt was launched.

The items are priceless and police said they would be hard to sell on the open market.

'We have some different information about how exactly the boat looked.

'I think it's very bad, it's despicable that people would steal from a holy building and take something of historic and monetary value.

That particular part of the century-old tradition will become much more hard now after at least some of the priceless Swedish crown jewels are no longer in the hands of the royal family.

Nobody was hurt during the raid.



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