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Google Confirms Dark Mode in Android Apps Saves Battery

11 November, 2018, 16:31 | Author: Arnold Gilbert
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In order to give users and Android developers more controls to ensure the App compatibility across all devices, Google has added new In-app Updates API to the Android system. This is about the biggest factor in battery consumption: screen brightness! It's always been associated with better battery life on devices, especially mobile devices. Well, hearing this report is a good news for most of us. But you can also opt to change it to dark mode all the time, or only switch to dark mode when in battery saver mode - which that right there shows that Google knew that dark mode was better on battery than light colors. Another chart shows that a 2016 Pixel, with the screen at at maximum brightness, consumes approximately 330mA of power compared to approximately 60mA of power with the display set at maximum black.

What's interesting is the comparison between the original Pixel, which uses an OLED screen, and the LCD-sporting iPhone 7. They discussed that using a dark theme in their keyboard, GBoard, can reduce power consumption by up to 21%. Whether it's for Android' UI or all the essential Google apps, white has been the dominant colour for all of them, which indirectly utilises more power than before.

It went on to showcase how "dark mode" can make all the difference. Now Google is slowly introducing dark themes back into their apps, one by one.

"Google revealed a bit of information on how your smartphone spends its battery life". As a result, their apps suck up more power than they need to. On Gboard, the power reduction gained from using a dark mode keyboard was 21% over the normal white keyboard.

Can we please get a proper dark mode for iOS? Google has also announced a cash rewards programme for people who will use its video calling app - GoogleDuo - in India. Not only is it going to provide a better user experience for users, but it is also going to provide better battery life. But for me, it's mostly about comfort. Now that there's proof it actually prolongs battery, there's even more reason to make dark mode an option.



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