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Inventor Engineers Brilliant Package That Hilariously Targets Thieves

19 December, 2018, 06:00 | Author: Arnold Gilbert
  • Some Bloke Made A Glitter Fart Bomb To Get Revenge On Xmas Package Thieves

Having a package stolen from your front porch is infuriating, but a former NASA engineer has a wildly over-engineered source of vengeance. That's when Rober took matters into his own hands - literally. Over the course of several months, he worked with a friend to create the flawless package thief trap, complete with custom silicon, fart spray, and projectile glitter.

Mark Rober, who is now a Youtuber, caught the original thieves on his home security camera.

He engineered a fake package that looked like it contained an Apple HomePod.

Mark Rober is said former NASA-employed engineer and he uses his skillset for unique creations, scientific experiments, and more on his YouTube channel.

Before the phones could be discovered, a touch of the package activated a mechanism that dispatched the fart spray.

Stealing packages off of peoples' doorsteps has become an unfortunate annoyance for many in the golden age of online shopping. He compiled the footage for a great video called, "Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap".

Rober tested the box out, and recieved a notification while he was at work that the glitter bomb box had been taken.

As the thief opens the package, wires are tripped that cause the motor inside to start spinning, covering those nearby in glitter.

Rober's efforts have paid off big time: his video has already been viewed over 9 million times less than a day after being published, and it's the #1 trending video across all of YouTube.

Officers are planting dummy boxes fitted with Global Positioning System trackers, and hidden doorbell cameras outside homes in areas identified by mapping data of theft locations supplied by Amazon as well as local crime data. You never know what you'll get.



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